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The New

Directed by

Gregory Page

& Written by

Jack Tempchin



Don't miss the LA premiere of an IndieFEST Film Awards Winner starring the celebrated Songwriter Hall Of Fame member. This is a unique opportunity to experience the film's mysterious glory.


JUNE 20th, 2024 - (LOS ANGELES, CA) - San Diego-based songwriter and creative Jack Tempchin has made his film debut with Midnight Jack The Movie. Written by Jack Tempchin and directed by Gregory Page, the film takes viewers on a journey through a world of dreams and memories with a pleasure-hungry seeker of the truth. This unique film can be described as an artist’s “anti-documentary”, and instead invites viewers to dive directly into Tempchin’s creative mind by knitting together his creative wit, humor, and philosophy, all while weaving in many of his iconic performances from over the years. Come get to know Jack at the Los Angeles premiere of the film on June 20th at Laemmle Royal Cinema in West Hollywood, California.


"An Amazing Film.

Midnight Jack the Movie is a masterclass in songwriting and life." ~ Jason Mraz


Midnight Jack stars Jack Tempchin, and he wants viewers to know this isn’t an average film premiere. The June 20th unveiling is a chance to connect with the creators, Jack and director Gregory Page, in person. We promise they don’t bite, and the intimate screening will give viewers a chance to shake hands and thank Tempchin and Page for broadening their worldview. Dare we say, viewers will not only walk away with Tempchin’s music in their heads but also with witty, carefully delivered sets of thoughts that could even change lives. So be prepared to recalibrate your worldview, potentially fostering a rapturous and fortuitous disposition. In other words, prepare to have your mind expanded!


Tempchin is widely known in the music industry for writing hits like "Peaceful Easy Feeling"  and “Already Gone” by the Eagles. He also co-wrote ten Billboard Top 40 hits with Glenn Frey, which Glenn recorded during his solo career, including “You Belong to the City” and “Smugglers Blues.” He has had many other songs recorded by artists such as George Jones, Johnny Rivers, Emmylou Harris, Glen Campbell, Tom Rush, and many others.


In 2019, he was inducted into the Songwriter Hall of Fame along with Cat Stevens and Tom T. Hall. As a solo artist, he has found success in record sales and extensive touring with legendary artists like Ringo Starr, Jackson Browne, Dolly Parton, Chicago, Kenny Loggins, and more. Midnight Jack The Movie is the prime opportunity for fans and film lovers to get to know the man behind the guitar. Purchase tickets here.


When - June 20th, 2024

Where - Laemmle Royal Cinema

Address - 11523 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025

Time - 7 pm PST
Cost - $16 General - $13 Senior/Child/Military

Tickets - 

Film Length - 90 mins

Movie Website - 



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